About Us


          Improving our authentic product range using ever-developing and regenerating technologies as well as proceeding in our market without any competitor by always providing everything better to our customers.


          Lead generation worldwide in the sector with advanced technology and quality products and meeting such demand.


        Delivering correct and thorough products and services on time based on national and international standards together with all colleagues.


        Having started to export activities in the year 2013, by AKSA ARMS Company, which aims to establish one of the biggest shotgun sales network in the World. Our foundation has been settled on covered area of our facilities is 1,500 m square and with more than 40 experienced gunsmiths. CNC techonologies, cad/cam, solid works system and with the most advanced tools and equipment of our day, at high quality anda standards various air rifles, shotguns and sports guns are manufactured and sold to many countries in the world.

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