Aksa Arms
Aksa Arms is a company specializing in hunting Rifle and blank firing guns design, engineering and production.
Since 2013, its headquarters and factory are located in Konya and showroom is in Istanbul.

High QualityReliabilityDurability

Years of experience and technology in shotgun production

Durability is a guarantee that we are giving to you by using the combination of detailed machinery, sensitive handcrafting and the highest quality materials used in the shotgun market.
Flexibility in Design
Thanks to degradable & upgradable designs of our products, we are able to answer your specific demands in our product line
Our Collections

Shotguns, blank-firing guns and spare parts

Single Barrel
Caliber : 12
Cartridge Bed : 76mm (3”)
Barrel size : 50, 66, 71, 76 cm (19,6”, 26”, 28”, 30”)
Butt : Walnut / synthetic
Body : Steel
Aksa 12 Gauge Hybrid Bullpup
Model : Crossfire
Caliber : 12
Mechanism:Hybrid (Pump Action – Semi Auto)
Chamber : 76mm (3”)
Barrel length :47cm
Total weight : 3,9kg
Frame:7075-T6 Aluminum
Trigger : Single stage
12 Gauge Semi-Auto Bullpup Shotgun
Caliber : 12
Chamber : 76mm (3”)
Barrel length : 47cm
Magazine capacity : 2,5,10
Frame : 7075 T6 Aluminum
12 Gauge Pump Action Bullpup
Model : Crossfire
Caliber : 12
Cartridge Bed : 76mm (3”)
Barrel size : 47cm
Magazine Capacity : 5,10
Total weight : 3,9kg
Body : 7075 T6 Aluminum
System : Pump Action
Blank Firing Pistol
Body :Polymer
Mechanism : Zamak
Capacity: 17+1
Weight : 860 gr
Crossfire T14
Model : Crossfire T14
Caliber : 410
Chamber : 76mm (3”)
Barrel size : 51 cm (20”) / 35 cm (13”)
Magazine capacity : 10+1, 15+1
Total weight : 2,5 kg
Muzzle Velocity: 700 m/s
Total length : 33,8”
12 Gauge Magazine Fed Semi-Auto
Model : 12 Gauge Magazine Fed
Brand : Crossifre
Caliber : 12 GA
Cartridge Bed : 76mm (3”)
Chamber : 2+1 /5+1 /9+1
System: Gas System
Aksa S4 12 Gauge Semi Automatic
Model : Crossfire
Caliber : 12
Cartridge Bed : 76mm (3”)
Barrel size : 47cm
Total weight :3,82kg
Reciever: Aluminum
System: Semi Automatic

Crossfire T-14

T-14 is the first and best of its class in 410 cal AR-15 type shotguns

Thanks to the picatiny rails on the upper body, many variety of optics,lights,hand guards and many more accesories can be attached on T-14 to provide a high shooting pleasure

Due to its licensed design, most of the AR-15 parts like drop in triggers,grips,hand guards ,butt stocks can be used on T14

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Enjoy shooting with Aksa Arms

Aksa Arms Shotguns

The Aksa Gun Company, which aims to establish the biggest shotgun sales network in the world, Began operations in 2013. The facility is built on a closed area of 1,500 square meters and with more than 40 experienced specialist personnel, CNC produces high quality standard hunting rifles and Sporting Shotguns. And it is sold in many countries around the world.

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