Aksa Arms
Aksa Arms is a company specializing in hunting Rifle and blank firing guns design, engineering and production.
Since 2013, its headquarters and factory are located in Konya and showroom is in Istanbul.

About Us

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Aksa Arms

The Aksa Gun Company, which aims to establish the biggest shotgun and blank firing gun sales network in the world, Began operations in 2013. The facility is built on a closed area of 1,500 square meters and with more than 40 experienced specialist personnel, CNC is produced in high quality.

Our products, which are produced in different standards such as Blank ifring guns, hunting rifles and sporting shotguns and sold in many countries all around the world, are increasing their diversity day by day. The capacity of our quality hunting rifle production with technology and modern equipment has increased considerably today.

Mechanical & Barrel
Export to Country
Asia, Europe,Middle East and North America
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Our Mission

To make quality products by taking advantage of advanced technology all over the world. And to be an organization that leaves a mark in the sector with all the demands of the arms industry.

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Our Vision

Constantly developing and always providing better products to our customers. To be preferred with technology and quality products in competitive environment and to increase product range.

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Our Quality Policy

To deliver timely, quality, accurate and complete products by producing in compliance with national and international standards together with all of our employees and modern facilities.

Aksa Arms Shotguns
The Best Choice

 All products are resistant to harsh weather conditions thanks to the material preferred in production.Shock resist structure and cerakote finish prevents damage and corrosion.

  • Technology
    Modern production is made.

    Aksa Arms, with its wide modernization, completes innovative solutions and development processes with superior success.

  • Quality
    Hunting rifles with perfect structure

    As a company with a proven international quality in the hunting rifle sector, the export rate is steadily increasing.

  • R&D (AR-GE)
    Hunting rifle checks are provided.

    Aksa Arms produces about 20 thousand hunting rifles in one year, and with R & D works it increases every year.

  • Happiness
    Customer satisfaction thanks to easy use.

    The ergonomic nature of the hunting rifles, the ease of use and the unique design multiplies the volume of satisfied customers.